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"Nina Khemchyan: Echo" Exhibition Opened at CCA

September 22, 2022
On September 22, 2022, the private preview of the exhibition, Nina Khemchyan: Echo, took place in Eagle Gallery of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. 

The Cafesjian Center for the Arts, in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Armenia, presents the exhibition, Nina Khemchyan: Echo. This project is not only essential for the Center but also very symbolic, considering that Grigor Khanjyan’s famous mural Armenian Alphabet is displayed here.

Please find below an extract from the essay by art historian Alina Roches-Trofimova on this project:
"Inventor of the Armenian alphabet, philosopher, theologist and poet Mesrop Mashtots is a fundamental figure in the history and culture of his country. A spiritual leader, founder of Armenian sacred music, a true enlightener, he is a canonized saint in the Armenian Apostolic Church. 

Mashtots' essential heritage has inspired Nina Khemchyan in her oeuvre, an Armenian artist living in Paris. For a long time, the artist has been immersed in his work of Mashtots. It has been several years since Nina, through numerous researches, has woven a spiritual link with the author, aiming to perpetuate his heritage in modern era.

A unique encounter renewed the artist’s vision: the angelic voice of the singer Hasmik Baghdasaryan-Dolukhanyan who, also touched by the grace of Mashtots, had been performing his chants - “sharakans”, written in the 5th century. This discovery gave birth to the project Echo.

Nina Khemchyan shares with us her vision of Mesrop Mashtots' work, a sensitive and contemporary interpretation of an essential creation that has gone beyond the borders of Armenia to become a part of the world cultural heritage.

The artist adorns the Armenian poetry with her own style and singularity.Hasmik Baghdasaryan-Dolukhanyan’s wonderful voice of  and her acappella performance resonate with the sculptural pieces, delivering the spirituality of the work. The harmony between the interpretations of the two artists venerates the chant of the saint, rendering it in contemporary light."

The exhibition will be open from September 23 to November 6, 2022, with free admission. 

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