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September 16, 2023
On September 16, at 2 p.m., the Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA) announces the launch of “20 Horsepower” new project of the Cafesjian Teen Council at the Center’s Special Events Auditorium.  

The Cafesjian Teen Council actively continues its new initiatives. The members of the Cafesjian Teen Council present a new "20 Horsepower" project. Through research and engaging discussions, the project aims to explore the rich history of cars and their profound connection and influence on various art fields.

For considerable time now, to imagine life without cars has proven to be a challenging task. Nowadays, a car is not just a machine, but an expression of freedom and motion. It guides us along the highways of life and serves as a “companion" on our journeys. Cars often reflect one's personal taste, mindset, ambition, and social status.

Each Saturday of the four-month project, the Teen Council members will present their car-related research. The presentations will encompass a wide range of captivating topics, including the historical evolution of cars, notable technological advancements, the relationship between cars and the environment, and the profound impact cars have had on art and culture in general. References will be made to various other car-related topics: music, literature, and movies.

The project is a wonderful opportunity to develop research skills and public speaking of the Cafesjian Teen Youth members. It will also stimulate the interest of other teens in the activities of the Center.

For participants ages 12+, and families. Participation is free with prior registration. 

For further information and registration, please call (+374) 10 54-19-32/34.
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