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Cafesjian Teen Council

The Cafesjian Teen Council is a leadership group of 14-17 year old teenagers, whose members act as ambassadors, presenting the broad interests and voice of the youth in the Center. Within a year the members of the Teen Council are involved in planning and realization of new creative programs for their peers, creating an attractive and open cultural space for all teenagers.

The Cafesjian Teen Council was created with the goal to build a long-lasting relationship with the youth audience. Identifying their diverse interests and needs, the project aims at making the Center an attractive place for all teenagers, engaging them in the cultural environment of the Center as active participants, at the same time nurturing their visual and creative thinking, supporting the development of networking, team working and leadership skills. 

The Cafesjian Teen Council, composed of up to 20 members, is a year-long commitment and is open to all teenagers who are strong-minded and enthusiastic, creative and initiative, are interested in art, love museums, have collaborative mindset, and are ready for teamwork.

You can become a Cafesjian Teen Council  member by contacting us at: (+374 10) 54-19-32 or e-mailing at