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Encounters with Art: Gagik Ginosyan: "Komitas and the Dance"

October 24, 2019
On October 24, at 19:00 the ENCOUNTERS WITH ART series of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts presents its next event. 

The program includes:
Speaker: Gagik Ginosyan, national dances professional; founder and creative director of “Karin” Traditional Song and Dance Ensemble
Dance performance: “Karin” Traditional Song and Dance Ensemble

Admission is free by prior reservation.

For inquiries please call (+37410) 54 19 32 / 34.

"Komitas and the Dance"
The notes and research of the ancient and fiery Armenian dance – the spirit of the Armenian mountains – are the almost unknown part of the Great Master of Armenian Song – Komitas’ legacy. Komitas is the first Armenian dance master, the first one to gather all the dances: he is the priest of the Armenian dance. He was the first to try and unveil the thousand-year old art of the Armenian dance. He not only gave value to it but described it, categorized it according to movements, melody duration, musical rhythm, and the place and time those dances were performed in. In order to draw the future of the pure and viable art of the Armenian dance, it is imperative to reinterpret it by looking at it through the colorful prism of Komitas and rewriting it through the crystal of Komitas’ spirit. 
Gagik Ginosyan
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