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Fashion Road Project Presented in Encounters with Art Series

February 03, 2012
The first evening of the Encounters with Art program series in 2012 was devoted to the Fashion Road project and its outcome – the exhibition of 20 garments created by young designers from Armenia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Czech Republic and Germany. The exhibition, titled Fashion Road: Dialogue Across Borders, opened for public in Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery since the morning of February 2. In the evening of the same day a special encounter with the participants of the project was organized. This public event started the exhibition gallery, where the visitors could admire the exhibited pieces and meet the fashion designers. The CCA PR & Marketing Director Anna Simonyan welcomed the guests at the gallery and invited them to Star Landing for a reception. 

The evening continued at the Special Events Auditorium, where the organizers and participants presented the project. The first speaker was Ms. Armine Tadevosyan, the Vice-President of Armenian Fashion Council and the consultant of the project. She presented cultural diversity and fashion, dwelling upon how the diversity was reflected in fashion through various ornaments and patterns. 

Then the floor was given to the curator of the show, Mr. Tony Charalambous, who introduced the project, shedding light on how the exhibition was design and what the principles behind it were. 

Finally, the stage was taken by the young designers, the participants in the project. The designers presented how their creativity and inspiration evolved during the project, how they disovered the culture of each other and revisited that of their own countries in the course of their visits and finally, how the garments were actually created. 
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