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Sasuntsi Davit Gallery

Libenský Brychtová for Armenia

November 17, 2009 – February 01, 2016
The Gerard L. Cafesjian Collection is one of the largest collections of modern glass found in any museum, and its holdings of works by the Czech couple Libenský Brychtová are undoubtedly among the finest in the world. This exhibition, specially designed and installed by Jaroslava Brychtová herself, is a mere fragment of the overall Gerard L. Cafesjian collection, which contains over one hundred pieces by the celebrated couple. Libenský Brychtová for Armenia demonstrates the abstract power and sculptural force of Libenský Brychtová’s work. The exhibition makes clear why they are viewed as the single most influential force in the world of glass today and are generally credited with elevating glass from its previous status as a “decorative art” to a form of art with its own expressive and highly resonant voice. Many of the works in the exhibition bear resemblance to Armenia’s own traditional khachkar (carved stone cross), infusing the glass with spiritual meaning and forming a tangible link between the artists and the land they have grown to admire.
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