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Music Cascade: Maratuk Folk Ensemble

August 16, 2014
Мusic Cascade series presents: Maratuk Folk Ensemble

Folk Music Evening

Ahead of Holy Mother of God Holiday

Conductor and Musical Director: Hayk Grigoryan

Dance Tutor: Artashes Karapetyan, RA Honoured Artist

Director: Vardges Aghasyan

Ticket price: 2,000 AMD

The concert starts at 20:00.

Reservation is required, for inquiries please call +374 10 567262. 
Please remember we have a special reservation service –you can SELECT YOUR FAVORITE TABLE at the Special Events Auditorium! Just stop by the Visitor Center to select the table you prefer as you buy tickets.
We shall make sure your favorite table is reserved for you!

PLEASE NOTE OUR INITIATIVE: tickets for all musical programs include free admission to CCA galleries once throughout one week.

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