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Teen Artists Platform

June 14, 2019
The necessity of teenage artists to self-express is very important. For this reason the Cafesjian Teen Council proposes the creation of a new platform the purpose of which is to create opportunities for teenagers to present their art regardless of its type (painting, sculpture, graphics, video art, installation, performing art, etc.). 

Each teenage artist will be given a certain amount of time (20-30 minutes). Within the scope of that time they will present their portfolio with the help of a pre-prepared slide show that will be followed by a discussion. Field professionals can be invited as counselors in order to guide the teenagers. 

This will be a great occasion for the teenagers to communicate, network, create new projects, and become members of the Cafesjian Teen Council.

The participation does not assume that the works of the participants will be displayed at CCA as separate exhibitions. 

Teenagers aged 13-17 can apply by completing the application available at this link  


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