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The Exhibition Gevorg Grigorian GIOTTO Opened at CCA

November 27, 2017
On November 24 the exhibition, Gevorg Grigorian GIOTTO, opened at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, dedicated to the 120th birthday anniversary of the artist. This is the sixth exhibition in the Center’s Inter-Museum Cooperation program. The exhibition is presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Armenia (NGA) and includes a selection of works from the collection of NGA, as well as its branch Gevorg Grigorian (Giotto) Studio-Museum.

This retrospective exhibition, dedicated to the 120th birthday anniversary of the artist, presents 62 paintings and graphic works, most of which have not been exhibited before.

“Through the exhibition, Gevorg Grigorian GIOTTO, the Cafesjian Center for the Arts provides significant insight into the artist’s oeuvre, by presenting his works in a new environment and with a new concept. The artworks executed in unique style reflect the artist’s philosophy of existence, his exceptionally profound perception of human spirit and genuinely honest expression of his feelings”, - said Vahagn Marabyan, the Acting Executive Director of CCA.

In the case of an artist who has become a classic in a certain sense and enjoys a stable position in art history, a number of challenges—above all the issue of avoiding repetition—arise. However, it is always possible to disclose new horizons, and in the case of Giotto, those horizons are associated with never exhibited or less known works; first of all, graphic works. The latter differ both by their wider chromatic spectrum and the dynamics of composition. 

Perhaps Giotto’s real “self” is hidden in the difference between his graphic and painting works. The exhibition, Gevorg Grigorian GIOTTO is aimed at finding the answer to this question.

The public dates for the exhibition are November 25, 2017 to February 25, 2018. The admission will be free of charge.
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