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Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery

Ugo Nespolo: florilegio

July 23, 2021 – October 03, 2021
The Cafesjian Center for the Arts, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Armenia, presents the exhibition, Ugo Nespolo: florilegio at Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery, featuring the unique anthology of works from the Italian celebrated modernist artist’s versatile oeuvre. This is Nespolo's first show in Armenia.

This exhibition consisting of 22 pieces highlights the multifaceted interests of the artist, both theme and technique wise. 

Ugo Nespolo is a modern artist with Renaissance skills, practicing a meticulous research that leads him to investigate the plurality of languages and territories. There is, in fact, in his varied path, the desire to question, review and rewrite in the subtle formulations and articulations the traditional rules of painting and sculpture that find in inlay the privileged medium. Each piece has its place, color, sense, although remaining in the practice of respected craftsmanship. Nespolo’s characteristic and creative overturning is in the result, not in the work that is- indeed - deliberately and strongly traditional. This is a point to insist on: Nespolo’s artwork lies in reinterpretation, reinvention, innovation that does not deny the wisdom of the ancestors, instead gets the benefits. His modernity never breaks up with the past: he seeks to exploit it entirely using it for new solutions. It is not surprising, but it certainly creates wonder, how the artist is able to find, with every new application, a new insight, an appropriate and consistent method, a logical indication of propositions. 

With a happily squinted look, with one eye on the past and the other on the future, in his creation of a new visual world, Nespolo puts in place also an original crossing of history of art, especially if we think that his futuristic inlays have their own Ideal DNA in the fifteenth century wooden inlays innervated by the new perspective laws protagonists of a then futuristic revolution that Andrè Chastel called "cubism of the Renaissance."
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