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International Museum Day 2019 at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts

May 18, 2019
An exciting program full of many surprises awaits visitors at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA) during International Museum Day on May 18. The Center will be open to the public from 10 AM till midnight on that day. 

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy both the permanent and temporary exhibitions devoted to the 10th anniversary of the Center. A documentary exhibition, The History of Cascade, features photographs and videos reflecting the origin and construction of the Cascade Complex, as well as its transformation into the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. Posters, presented as part of the retrospective exhibition, CCA Exhibitions 2009-2018: Interactive Overview, highlight the past exhibitions of the Center. During this exhibition, CCA members can enjoy a unique members-only experience, a virtual tour into the past. 

During its ten years of operation, the Center has implemented numerous educational programs, many of which were sponsored by Beeline. A selection of programs created as a result of this cooperation will be exhibited in the Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery. For the occasion of  International Museum Day, the Center has designed a double surprise for children and teenagers, Create your Journey, an educational recreational online platform, and DesignLab: Chairs  a new educational program. The latter will enable schoolchildren over the age of 11 and their families to depict a chair according to their own design, with the support of young designers. In addition, exhibitions reflecting an overview of the Center’s public and concert programs will be presented in CCA’s Escalator Gallery. 

Visitors will also have a chance to purchase all Museum Store items, except for local crafts and already discounted products at a 10% discount, while CCA members will receive a 20% discount.  
Visitors of all ages will leave the Center inspired by spirit of contemporary art. 

The program of events is presented below: 

1. “The History of Cascade” documentary exhibition - Sasuntsi Davit Gallery  
2. “CCA Exhibitions 2009-2018: Interactive Overview” - Eagle Gallery
3. “CCA Educational Programs: 2009-2018: Overview” - Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery 
4. “CCA Public Programs 2009-2018: Overview” - Escalator Gallery
5. “CCA Concert Programs 2009-2018: Overview” - Escalator Gallery
6. “DesignLab: Chairs” educational program (participants’ age: 11+) - Escalator Gallery, Creative Hall (11 AM)
7. “Create Your Journey” educational recreational online platform launch -

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