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"More than Sound"

April 29, 2023
On April 29, at 6:30pm, within the scope of the exhibition, Embroidered Melodies: A Sonic Journey with Alexis Paul, the French artist will present a special sound evening in Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery, titled "More than Sound," featuring performances by his Armenian peers. During the event, local musicians and sound artists Hayk Karoyi and Vardan Harutyunyan will join Alexis Paul.

The entrance to the event is free. However, due to limited space, prior registration is mandatory. Please register for the event via Eventbrite link: here.

Alexis Paul is a French artist who excels as a musician, composer, and curator. Since 2014, he has been exploring and reviving the street organ tradition through a contemporary approach that merges travel, composition, and various collaborations in the diversity of cultural paradigms.

In recent years, as part of his project Disornaments, Alexis Paul has been focused on building bridges between textile and sound, featuring particularly Armenian embroidery and carpets.

Alexis is focused on the ornaments that are an essential part of Armenian embroidery heritage. He utilizes special papers or cards, known as perforated cards, for mechanical musical instruments. He transforms their traditional use by replacing musical notation with diverse and repetitive ornaments found in Armenian embroidery. The machines read the perforated ornaments as sheet music, resulting in the Armenian embroidery "sounding" through the perforated patterns on musical cards.

The distinctive embroidery pieces and carpets from Narek Van Ashughatoyan's extensive collection have been a source of inspiration for Alexis Paul. The exhibition, Embroidered Melodies: A Sonic Journey with Alexis Paul is a result of collaboration between the Cafesjian Center for the Arts and the Embassy of France / French Institute in Armenia.

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