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“Pink City” Digital Installation to Take Place at CCA

September 25, 2021
On September 25, 2021, within the scope of the European Heritage Days and the Italian Design Day, with the support of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Armenia presents “Pink City” digital audio-visual installation.

“Pink City” arrives in Yerevan – the pinkest of all cities – on September 25. Starting from 21:00, the audio-visual installation of Italian artist Franz Cerami will be displayed on the lower part of the Cascade complex, near the stairs and fountains. The installation is about San Paolo, Yerevan, Capri, Napoli, Rome, Paris, Marrakesh, and Rio de Janeiro, presenting a yearning toward a colorful and changing world that has stopped: a world that is manifested with places that obtain new life, crossovers, and moments of discovery for all societies. “Pink City” installation, in the context of a great journey through the world’s capitals, tells about the places, where the artist has passed through and which, consequently, have passed through him, becoming imagined, transformed, painted, and living cities like visual poems. 

You can watch the “Pink City” digital installation on September 25, starting from 21:00, at the Cafesjian Sculpture Garden, near the stairs of the Cascade complex. 

The digital installation will also take place on September 26 at 21:00 at the Komitas Chamber Music House.

The project is implemented at CCA by the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Armenia, with the Cafesjian Center for the Arts and “Matrixxeffect” Studio. 

Franz Cerami

Franz Cerami has international recognition for his unique artistic experiments that examine various possible combinations of local activity and global thought. Attracted with the imbalanced and mysterious dynamic that controls humans, Cerami plays, covers, consumes, and experiments with objects, tools, places, and meanings, all of which are combined with a permanently nominal and expressive state that he transforms into a hybrid visual language between painting, photography, graffiti, and video art.
The artist creates what he defines as “digital installations” – a visual merge where the past and the future interflow in the pervasive and indirect present. Many sketches become preliminary images that later turn into digital movements (video mappings depicted on buildings) – animations of living and active beings that are inseparable parts of the community surrounding them. 

“Paint” is the main word in Cerami’s art. Each of his stills and animated stories are born from a sketch that undergoes different changes in time before reaching its destination in the form of a projection. The paintings on the paper are experimented on, transformed, and develop, through the oil painting and graffiti techniques, into an endless dialogue between the digital and analog. In other words, the initial tangibility of the works allows the artist, as well as the audience, to direct the gaze toward abstraction.
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