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20 HORSEPOWER: "Men in Pink" by Mary Babayan & Nane Sahakyan

September 30, 2023
Art, show business, and cars.
It is an accepted stereotype in our society that black is dark and evil and bright colors, like pink, are good and positive.

During the presentation "Men in Pink," Mary Babayan & Nane Sahakyan, members of the Cafesjian Teen Council, will try to reveal the dark light of pink and the bright shadow of black.
There will also be references to the two popular blockbuster films, "Men in Black" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door," with the main "hero" cars being a key theme of the day.

For participants ages 12+, and families. 
Participation is free with prior registration. 
For further information and registration, please call (+374) 10 54-19-32/34.

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