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20 HORSEPOWER: "Time Machine" by Victoria Budaghyan

September 16, 2023
Within the scope of the "20 Horsepower" project of the Cafesjian Teen Council, Victoria Budaghyan will deliver the "Time Machine" presentation. 

Man has an infinite imagination. Regardless of the time period, man has always dreamed and tried to bring his thoughts to reality. It is because of this that we have various devices in our everyday life - machines, without which life would be quite difficult. During the presentation, "Time Machine," we will present the history of the world's first car, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. We will talk about the flight of human imagination and how an individual's dream was able to open a new page in history.

For participants ages 12+, and families. 

Participation is free with prior registration. 

For further information and registration, please call (+374) 10 54-19-32/34.

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