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Alexander Arutiunian International Wind Festival

June 15, 2018
Join us at the Special Events Auditorium for the Cafesjian Classical Music Series. 

Alexander Arutiunian International Wind Festival

Konrad Golda horn (Poland)
Barbara Borowicz clarinet (Poland)
Angela Santiago bassoon (Puerto Rico)
Nina Rozhenetskaia bassoon (Russia)
Victor Dutot bassoon (France)
Gervasio Tarragona Valli clarinet (Uruguay)
Pauline Rouet-Chabaux oboe (France)
Araik Rubinyan tuba (Armenia)
Juan Pardo trombone (Spain)
Armen Khachaturyan trumpet (Armenia)
Damian Swist oboe (Poland)
Davit Petrosyan horn (Armenia)

F. Mendelssohn-Two Songs for 2 clarinets and piano
L. Spohr - Adagio for bassoon and piano
B.Crussell -Concertino for bassoon
W.A.Mozart-Wind Serenade No.12
Brass Quintet

The concert starts at 20:00
Ticket price: 2000 AMD

Reservation is required, for inquiries please call +374 10 567262. 
Please remember we have a special reservation service –you can SELECT YOUR FAVORITE TABLE at the Special Events Auditorium! Just stop by the Visitor Center to select the table you prefer as you buy tickets. We shall make sure your favorite table is reserved for you!

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