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Anush Ghukasyan’s "Inside Out" Exhibition Opening at CCA

March 19, 2021
Anush Ghukasyan’s "Inside Out" exhibition opened in CCA's Sasuntsi Davit Garden Gallery on March 19, 2021.

This exhibition follows the common thread of the artistic practice that the young artist has developed for more than five years. Some of her installations are delicate pieces created carefully from refined craftsmanship, while others are rawer and unedited. 

“Inside Out sits in between, just as the world experienced an in-between period during the pandemic. Ghukasyan grabs the elusive, soft, free, peaceful and silent clouds, and integrates them into rough rust-colored sewer pipes erected above the ground. The artist combines two opposing elements and of different scales – the element of underground earth, and the element of celestial air. As such, the installation questions the mutability and versatility of borders”, - states Nairi Khatchadourian, the exhibition curator.

“Anush Ghukasyan, with unlimited choice of media in contemporary art, as well as her vivid, creative imagination, invites us into an environment where the material and non-material worlds intersect. The visitors will have the opportunity to discover the interlocking of the temporary and eternal, the limited and infinite, the earthly and celestial, by contemplating the different realities synthesized within themselves”,- states Vahagn Marabyan, Acting Executive Director of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts.

The exhibition will be open until June 13.

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