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CCA Announces the Launch of a New Educational Program, “The Art of the Mask”

June 11, 2020
The Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA) announces the launch of a new educational program, called “The Art of the Mask․” 

CCA continues to present innovative and unique educational programs during these unusual times. The Center’s educational programs, based on CCA’s permanent exhibitions, resumed online on May 1. Now, the Center presents “The Art of the Mask,” a new educational program for families with children ages 7 and older. The program has been created in consideration of the current situation. 

The program will take place on Zoom platform. The participants will learn about the history of the mask, its usage and significance in different cultures. Ritual, theatrical, masquerade, and other types of masks from various time periods will be presented, as well as artworks by famous artists, the mask being the essential and central part of those works.  In the last and creative part of the program, the participant families will create protective masks with materials that can be found in their houses. 

“Education has been one of the primary functions of CCA since its opening, and the Center continues to value the importance of knowledge during this pandemic. “The Art of the Mask” educational program aims to maintain the connection between the community and the Museum through discussions on topics of art. Moreover, as a result, a unified creative atmosphere will be nurtured among families, and the participants will prepare protective face masks, thus acquiring what is considered a very vital and helpful skill nowadays,” stated the Acting Executive Director of CCA, Vahagn Marabyan.

To register for the program, please call (+374) 77 21 81 35 or message us on our official Facebook page.

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