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Face to Face

December 08, 2017
The educational program Face to Face for schools is based on the CCA exhibition Gevorg Grigorian GIOTTO.

Designed for School children the program is developed for two age groups: 1-6 grades and 7-12 grades.

The artistic and creative focus of the program, Face to Face, is the genre of portraiture widely featured in the exhibition. The program aims at presenting Armenian well-known artist Gevorg Grigorian’s art, focusing on exhibited self-portraits and imaginative collective characters / historical icons, discuss and explore the art of portraiture. 

Developed for two age groups, the program offers two thematic approaches, respectively engaging 1-6 grades in a creative workshop featuring imaginative and historical characters; and 6-12 grades in a workshop focusing self-portraits and identity. 

The program will commence with a thematic tour-discussion in the exhibition gallery, concentrating on the works and life of Gevorg Grigorian and the selected works for each group. The tour will be followed by a creative workshop in the Creative Hall, during which 1-6 grade pupils will create imaginative portraits of historical characters and their beloved fairy-tale heroes, whereas elder groups will be engaged in a discussion on self, image and identity, after which making identity self-collages.
Participation in the program is free, with prior reservation. For more information please call: +37410 541932/34.
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