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La Courbe Flottante: "Invitation aux voyages..."

October 19, 2019
Music Cascade series presents: 

La Courbe Flottante
"Invitation aux voyages..."

La Courbe Flottante is a Franco/Georgian/Armenian band based in Tbilisi (Georgia): 3 united countries on stage for one goal – to travel and make the audience dream. Because of their theatrical base, La Courbe Flottante is more a performance than a concert.

Band members:
Tamouna Bordovach Mgaloblishvili – lead vocals, guitar, accordion, ukulele
David Khositashvili – guitar, changouri, bass and vocal 
Vardan Paremuzyan – percussion, drums and vocal 

Ticket price: 2000 AMD

The concert starts at 20:00

Reservation is required, for inquiries please call +374 10 567262. 

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