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Mapping the Memory

March 14, 2015
The program Mapping the Memory is organised in the scope of the exhibition Sahak Poghosyan: silence of my grandmother’s eyes. It assumes eight encounters with an heir of a genocide-survivor, who will share the path of his family through a story of an object, remain (photo, jewellery…) that once belonged to their ancestors and have survived after the genocide.

In the first part of the program participants have a tour in the exhibition gallery and get familiarized with Sahak Poghosyan’s project, the main concept of the exhibition and exhibited pieces. 

The second part of the program continues in CCA’s Creative Hall, where the guest of the program introduces the story of his family through a selected object endured through the genocide, after which participants have a chance to take part in a discussion about genocide and memory. 

At the end of the program, the photo of the object and its story are attached to a map of historical Armenia marking the tragic pathway of a person/family deprived from his homeland during the Genocide.

The program aims at unveiling vanishing stories about genocide-survived generation and tracing a map of memory of the Genocide. One of the main objectives of the program is to bring together different generations enhancing consciousness among younger generation as carriers of the same history and memory.

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