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Maylee Christie

Maylee Christie brings her extensive and highly varied artistic experiences together with her multicultural background to create a distinctive and innovative sculpturing style that is unique to her. 
Peruvian-born British mosaic sculptress Maylee studied Graphic Design at La Plata’s Academy of Fine Arts, in Argentina, and became a successful illustrator and writer of children’s books. In 1999, Maylee became involved in the ancient art of Byzantine mosaics at the Mosaics Art School in Ravenna.  While working in Italy, Maylee also collaborated with other mosaic artists, renowned innovators and creators of new mosaic styles. 

“Mosaic is my own way of being a child again. I like to let my emotions and imagination soar free to create a vision of worlds inside other worlds, telling stories, mixing abstract forms within figurative shapes”,-stated the artist.

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