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Old Yerevan: Animated History

June 04, 2018
On June 1, CCA organized a special event on the occasion of the International Child Protection Day. This year the theme of the celebration is “Old Yerevan: Alive Memory” and was dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan. By a new format, as well as applying the latest technologies, the Center gave the children and all the visitors a chance to participate in the rebirth of the history of the Old Cascade through the “Old Yerevan: Animated History” project, which involved about 300 children around a creation of a mosaic of the waterfall created before the construction of the Cascade complex by the Honored Artist of Armenian SSR, sculptor Derenik Danielyan (1912-1994).  

The mosaic made of handmade glazed tiles was dismantled during the construction of the Cascade complex in the 1980s and was not preserved. 

As part of the Old Yerevan: Animated History project an Augmented Reality platform was created, which animates the mosaic created by derenik Danielyan through archival photos, fragments from documentary and fiction movies, as well as the animated version of the mosaic. 

The event was organized with the support of Beeline Armenia and Triple-E.
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