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Peter Woytuk

Peter Joseph Woytuk was born in 1958 in St. Paul, Minnesota. 
He was raised in Massachusetts and graduated from Kenyon College, Ohio in 1980 with a degree in Art.
After college he had an old-school style apprenticeship with sculptor Philip Grausman in Connecticut, where he learned the techniques of modeling clay, mold making and bronze casting -thus beginning his own career as a sculptor.

By 1995 he was well established and exhibiting throughout the United States and parts of Asia. Especially in the past ten years, Woytuk has strengthened his relationship with several foundries in Thailand and China that are by tradition, expertly able to cast large scale bronze sculptures.

Recent exhibitions in Thailand and China have rewarded him with much work yet to be done and exhibited in Asia, as he simultaneously continues to nourish a strong presence in the American sculpture world. His Kiwi arrived to CCA from New York, where it had been displayed on Boradway street.

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