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Re-Vision the Sculpture

April 06, 2018
Educational program for schools and families (6+) based on the temporary exhibition of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA), Ara Harutyunyan: Monumental Vision.

Timeline: April 2018 – June 2018
Friday-Saturday upon registration, flexible schedule.

The main objectives of the program are to discuss and explore sculpture as an art form, focusing on the exhibited and monumental sculptures of the renowned Armenian sculptor Ara Harutyunyan; present Ara Harutyunyan’s life and artistic legacy, develop participants’ creativity, critical thinking and visual literacy, enhance CCA’s outreach to local schools and families, asserting its important role in art education.

The program will commence in CCA’s Creative Hall with a thematic discussion-presentation about sculpture, its forms and basic elements, explored through Ara Harutyunyan’s works. The first part will be concluded with hands-on activities, as part of which children will have an opportunity to touch and feel different sculptural materials, widely featured in the exhibition. 

The discussion will be followed by a creative workshop in the exhibition gallery, during which participants will be involved in a “sculpture hunt”: 1-6 grades schoolchildren will find sculptures with the help of provided outlines, while elder participants will do so through thematic questions. At the end, they will draw sketches of the selected sculpture and “re-vision” the artist’s work, creating new visual narratives around the pieces. 

Program sponsor is Beeline Armenia
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