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TOMORROW exhibition opened at CCA

November 19, 2021
TOMORROW exhibition opened on November 19 in Eagle and Sasuntsi Davit Garden galleries of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA), featuring seventeen Armenian contemporary artists. Group projects give an opportunity not only to display more authors, but also to refer to more topics, genres, layers in a broader comprehensive perspective. It has already been the third such show implemented at CCA. Nevertheless, the span of the TOMORROW show is much bigger; it does not focus on just one theme, but tries to reveal the current state of contemporary visual art in Armenia.

Over sixty works by seventeen artists displayed in Eagle and Sasuntsi Davit Garden galleries are mostly two-dimensional, created mainly with traditional media and technique; although in case of topics and approach those are relevant and sometimes even innovative.

The artists in TOMORROW exhibition are from the independence generation. In this regard, it is captivating to follow what common topics, artistic approach and styles separate or, on the contrary, connect these different artists. In regard of technique and media, the scope is really wide: from oil on canvas to printmaking, photography, collage, embroidery, mosaics and ready-made. The featured artists are: Milena Adamyan, Siranush Aghajanyan, Gayane Avetissian, Mary Badalian, Gayane Barkhudaryan, Narek Barseghyan, Kima Gyarakyan, Anush Davtyan, Karen Khachaturov, Anna Krtshatsyan, Narek Hakobyan, Armen Hakobjanyan, Manvel Matevosyan, Nareh Petrossian, Grigor Simonyan, Davit Kochunts, Levon Fljyan. 

“Following its mission to present the best of Armenian culture to the world, CCA tries to point out what direction the visual art in Armenia is moving today and what might be expected in the future”,- stated the Acting Executive Director of CCA, Vahagn Marabyan, adding that the featured artists in the exhibition don’t reflect the whole scene of contemporary art in Armenia. 

Presented for the first time at the Center, these artists create a platform for future individual and group projects, where CCA will continue discovering varied layers of contemporary Armenian art yet to come, collaborating not only with these but also other artists. 

TOMORROW exhibition will last from November 19, 2021 to February 20, 2022. The entrance is free of charge.
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