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The Exhibition Reconsidering Nature Opened at CCA

July 07, 2017
Opening of the exhibition, Reconsidering Nature, took place on July 6 in Eagle Gallery of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA).

The Cafesjian Center for the Arts announces the opening of the exhibition, Reconsidering Nature, the first group project of the Center featuring nine Armenian women artists: Arevik Arevshatyan (b. 1957), Diana Hakobyan (b. 1974), Teni Vardanyan (b. 1957), Manan Torosyan (b. 1984), Marina Dilanyan (b. 1957), Mary Moon (b. 1977), Moko Khachatryan (b. 1969), Sarko Meené (b. 1984), Sona Abgaryan (b. 1979).
The artists included in the exhibition not only differ in their style, but also represent several generations; they work with different media and, naturally, their perceptions of the world are entirely different from one another’s. 

“The exhibited works, selected from participating artists’ collections, reflect an intriguing, multifaceted thinking about nature. The exhibition reveals a multilayered human-nature relationship, presenting nature as an expression and continuation of life. We are confident the exhibition, Reconsidering Nature, will present anew the creative potential and profound philosophical vision of Armenian women artists, redefining the woman-nature dialogue”, - said Vahagn Marabyan, the Acting Executive Director of CCA.

The presentation of artworks by these nine women artists in one gallery reveals not only nature but also the multilayer artistic discourse of the latter. The links between nature and humans (if the two can even be separated) have never been smooth. Meanwhile, the impact of nature on human beings and on their creativity is invaluable. Female artists, even subconsciously, have been exposed to this influence more extensively-not only by reconsidering nature in their works, but, in the first place, by comprehending it and valuing it more.

The public dates for the exhibition are July 7, 2017 to October 8, 2017. The admission will be free of charge.
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